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Our strategy is dependent on your world and your goals. Moving towards your goal empowers us too!

Drives Sales & ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is an important part of digital marketing (and really, almost every part of advertising)—it tells you whether you’re getting your money’s worth from your marketing campaigns.

Drives Word-Of-Mouth

Before marketing really existed it would be common practice to choose a business or service provider based on information from other people. These referrals were the only way that businesses could bring in new customers aside from the ones who just happened to be walking by.

More Efficient Than Traditional Media

While it is dangerous to generalize about media costs given the wide array of choices within each medium, digital advertising can generally be seen to be among the most efficient means of reaching an audience.


Take your business soaring high... Reach for us

When you objectively analyze your business, you are likely to get a new perspective. These new perspectives propel your business up by infusing fresh strategy. We can support whenever new strategy is needed.

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Track Record

Consistent track record of clients both big and small

Exponential Growth

Our recommendations ensures rapid expansion of business.

Brand Equity

The brands have exceptional premium value of equity

Trusted by leaders

The leaders’ trust in us and empowers our operations.

Diverse Portfolio

Our range of clients encompasses the big and the small.

Pioneersin Consultancy

We pioneered the agency concept by launching our own unit.


What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is the future of advertising, and has quickly become one of the fastest growing mediums for promotions of business and services. Our company, BDigitalAds, provides our clients with frequent high-definition digital advertisements in prime locations in Medicine Hat at values and prices that traditional media such as newspaper, radio and television cannot compare with.


With BDigitalAds you can now promote your business, products, services, promotions or special events on a whole new level with our digital screens and billboards located in many of the high-traffic and frequently visited locations in Medicine Hat and area. Promoting your business, products or services to the masses has never been so easy!

With 250,000 potential viewers of our full digital system monthly, your advertisements and promotions can be viewed as frequently as 3-4 times per hour on our large 50” high definition digital screens, with the option to be displayed as static ads, animations or video advertisements.

Or if you’re looking to promote on our “biggest screens,” our digital billboards along the Trans-Canada Highway in Medicine Hat have 64,000 daily vehicles driving north and south past our digital billboards.

For more information regarding our locations, please click the “Our Locations” menu at the top of this site.

B Digital and B Seen with BDigitalAds!

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Perfect Team

Brian Dobek

Chief Executive Officer

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Kevin Fishcer

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin’s Biography

Brad Greiner

Chief Technical Officer

Brad started his home based business in 2007 and gained loyal customers.  He kept his business running until 2011 before he took a business course than he moved his business to a commercial location. in 2013 he moved locations to the Co Op mall until 2016 when he moved to his current location on Dunmore road along side B Digital Ads where he joined the team as their CTO

Jeff Gervais

Chief Operations Officer

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Lusha Potrovski

Account Executive

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